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Education Library: Cynosure Apogee Elite - Laser Hair, Vein, Lesion Removal


Cynosure Apogee Elite is a comprehensive hair removal and spider vein treatment system. It is also an effective method for removing noncancerous colored lesions of the skin. The revolutionary laser has an adjustable wavelength, allowing you to receive customized laser treatment for your skin and hair type. Cynosure Apogee Elite features the Smart Cool system, a double cooling technique, to maximize your comfort during your treatment session.

Cynosure Apogee Elite removes unwanted hair with unsurpassed comfort. It is perfect for people that are “needle phobic.” Unlike other hair removal systems, Cynosure Apogee Elite does not leave needle scars or textural skin changes. The special laser removes hair efficiently and with maximal comfort. It is safe for all skin types. It is used to remove unwanted hair from the face, arm pits, bikini line, beard, and neck.

Cynosure Apogee Elite is also used to treat spider veins on the face and legs. The special laser light penetrates deeply into tissue to treat unwanted veins. Additionally, the system is used to remove noncancerous colored lesions. Because the laser’s wavelength is adjustable, you receive the amount of treatment that is appropriate for you.


Cynosure Apogee Elite treatments are short in-office procedures. The treatments are relatively painless. The Smart Cool system is especially designed to minimize any discomfort during your session. Additional treatments may be necessary to obtain the final results you desire.

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